Monday, April 16, 2007

Weekly Menu

So last week didn't turn out too badly. We did a whiskey-peppercorn cream sauce, rather than truffle butter for the filets, but other than that the edits were correct. Saturday we ended up taking the kids out for Mexican, and Friday we did the pork chops with Ginger-Cherry sauce that I had hoped to do a few weeks ago. It was quite yummy. That recipe is a keeper (it's from Cooking Light, so I can't reprint it here). So here goes for this week.

Sunday: homemade lasagna, gnudi, salad, bread, and store-bought cannolis (Sopranos night) - Note: we'd seen the episode of Everyday Italian where she makes the gnudi, and it looked tasty and easy. Despite following the directions as precisely as possible, they completely fell apart in the water, so they didn't actually make it to the table, instead it all went in the disposal. Boo.
Monday: Trader Joe's mandarin orange chicken, with stir fried vegetables in orange sauce and brown rice
Tuesday: Taco salad
Wednesday: leftover lasagna, focaccia, salad
Thursday: grilled chicken
Friday: hopefully some kind of seafood - we'll see what's on sale later in the week

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